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In Order to be a Successful Hippo…

One must maintain a healthy diet of fruit at a rate of exactly 1 fruit every 8 1/3 seconds. A helpful food monitor can easily be found in the lower left portion of your field of vision. Failure to follow this basic eating protocol will end in you being a very unhappy, dead hippo. Also, in order to be a successful hippo, logs must at all times be avoided otherwise you will end up as stated before—unhappy and dead. A great way to avoid touching these troublesome logs is by going underwater. To go underwater, one must press and hold the spacebar. The spacebar is most likely located on your keyboard; if it isn’t, buy a new one. The only downside is that while underwater, you will lose oxygen. A healthy hippo can only hold its breath underwater for a maximum of 3 1/3 seconds before needing to return to the surface for air. An easy way to keep track of your oxygen levels while underwater is by looking in the lower right part of your vision. Losing all your oxygen is not a good idea and will not help you become a successful hippo. In order to see how happy and successful you are, look in the upper left corner to find your happy points. Good luck in your adventure to become the happiest, most successful, hungry hippo.


  • procedurally generated play
  • progressive difficulty
  • outrageous sound effects
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authormax levine stuff
Tags2D, Arcade, Cute, Endless, GameMaker, hippos, infinite-runner, Side Scroller, weird


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