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good short game


I'll admit, that game was better than expected.  The first playthrough I thought it was kind of meh, but then I got to the end, saw the 0 of 5, and played again for a better experience.  I really like finding secret things like that.


Great game! 2 questions though:

  1. Why is finding out how constipated you got from eating free cheese samples the "darkest part of yourself" when your brother was a serial killer?
  2. Do you really have to play through 500 times to get the truest ending?

1. The cheese factory is actually a euphemism for smoking (which is in turn a euphemism for something else), and its counterpart in the subconscious symbolizes the cause and effect of this lifestyle on the brothers' lives. You can find out more about the creation of the subconscious, factory, and other BS in the bonus document (free over the summer sale)

2. No, nothing happens if you beat it 500 times


Thanks! I read the bonus doc. Great stuff

I clicked Claim, but no files show up to download.

Try exiting and re-clicking on "Download or claim" and see if the file shows up.

OK, once I clicked "Download or Claim" again the file showed up and I could download it. But even now if I click "Download" at the top of the page where it says "You own this game", it takes me to a download page where it says "Nothing is available for download yet." Weird. Thanks for the game and bonuses!


Oh wow, this game is sooo good and really deep too. Love it! :)