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Managed to pick up the game on sale, made some kind of bonus

Hi, I think your game is missing an executeable!

It's an executable .jar (java) program. You should be able to open and run the Giant_Stomp.jar

Ah, thanks! Didn't have Java installed, so I just tried unzipping it with 7-Zip.


Don't you just love it when they give you a bunch of random files, no instructions, no nothing, and just expect you to know wtf to do with them? Not that I cared too much about playing this stupid looking game, just wanted to check it out for the lulz. But I not only had to waste my time creating an account just to download the stupid thing, I also find out the "game" is completely useless. Dunno if you're trolling or what but here's an idea, UPLOAD A GAME THAT WORKS!!!

src? OPEN SOURCE?! for real??